Barbells Collars

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APE Barbell Collars are used to lock weights on the barbell in place and prevent imbalance or Plates from falling off. They are one of the most essential pieces of safety equipment present in any gym.


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What are the Barbells Collars?

Barbell collars are a crucial training safety component to prevent the weighted barbell from falling off. APE Barbells Collars guarantee the weight burden is distributed uniformly.


APE Barbell collars are multifunctional training devices. Keeps your weight plates snug to the shoulder of your bar to align your grip by making the weight plates at the same distance from each hand. Make bars stable and don’t let the plates slide off.

  • Weight Lifting is Risky Without Collars
  • Screw Up Your Lifts Securely
  • Improves Workout Performance
  • Prevents rattling and shaking

Why APE Barbell Collars?

APE Barbell collars are specifically designed to prevent the barbell from loosening or falling off by locking it to the bar to prevent injury.

Eliminate slide-off risk

APE Barbell collars maintain the stability of the load and make your load secure.

Safe and secure

APE Barbell collars are the safest precautions to prevent injury in the gym as barbell collars lock the barbell.

Distribute Force

To reduce the chances of injury, these barbell collars distribute weight evenly to make your weight gripping easy.

2 reviews for Barbells Collars

  1. Jessica Quast

    FINALLY!! a clip that keeps the plates in place no matter how hard you toss it… awesome

  2. Andres Ramos

    Durable 👍🏼

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