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APE Kettlebell is the perfect addition to any home gym. This one solid piece of high quality iron is durable and built to last. The black power coat finish and color coded handles make it easy to use and stylish. The Kettlebell is perfect for a full body workout, tone your muscles, and build strength.

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What Are Kettlebells?

Kettlebells are strength training and ballistic exercises that improve your strength, endurance, flexibility, grip, and mobility.


9LB to 88LB size kettlebells are beginner-friendly and considered a great tool for strength training.

Its distinct size and shape make it much easier to move around by handling the bell in a different range of motion depending on the kettlebell exercise you’re doing. You can do a full-body workout using the Kettlebell for various physical exercises.

This piece of equipment will challenge your muscles slightly differently than dumbbells while doing the same exercise. Kettlebells are effective ways to build strength by adding more weight or increasing reps.

Why Choose Kettlebells?

If you’re looking for a workout that’s sure to get you results, then look no further than the kettlebell. This simple yet effective piece of equipment is ideal for building muscle and losing fat, and can even help improve your muscles’ performance and physical enhancements.

For Power and Explosiveness

Kettlebells are great for working on power and explosiveness in a low-impact manner being an efficient and versatile piece of equipment good for full-body workouts.

Convenient for Heavier Weights

The kettlebell weight you use depends on weight lifting needs. You can able to do heavier exercises that work for larger muscles such as deadlifts.

Range of Weights

Kettlebells’ weights range from 9LB to 88LB depending on the program, you choose for your strength training and weight training.

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4 reviews for Kettlebell

  1. Jessica Quast

    oh my God. where do I start. these are the Kbs at my gym. they are SOLID. taking a beating for CrossFit and man they hold. the coating is perfect for gripping and the design and colors make them stand out. so cool!!

  2. Laura Hernandez

    I absolutely love these. So easy to keep hold which is HUGE.

  3. Monea Longoria

    These kettlebells are great! Easy to hold which is a must! These feel really solid.

  4. Christopher Q.

    I’m compete in Kettlebell sport. Theses cast iron’s are great for my general strength and endurance work. Was very pleased with the finish and price per lb. Bought 44-79 lbs

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