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SlamBalls are the perfect tool for developing strength, coordination and endurance. Made with grippy rubber, they are designed to withstand even the most explosive workouts. With a variety of sizes and weights available, SlamBalls are perfect for anyone looking to take their workout to the next level.

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What is APE Slam Ball?

APE Slam Ball fitness equipment to improve balance, muscle tone, and core strength. Buy this exercise Slam Ball to add to your daily workout and observe unbelievable bodily changes.


40 LB to 150 LB slam ball models are the best exercise balls flexible plastic, properly inflated, and comfortable sitting support strengthen core and balance, while toning and sculpting muscles.

Slam Ball is effective in full-body exercise workouts to improve muscle strength and power and you will learn balance, coordination, mobility, and speed.

It is designed to engage your core to keep you balanced while exercising and to strengthen muscles. Quality exercise balls support you in weight loss, physical therapy, strengthening your core, pain relief, and an effective solution to health problems.

Ape Slam balls stabilize your body and support the bodily movement

Looking for an effective way to support your muscles and improve your core strength? Look no further than the Ape Slam Ball! This unique ball is designed to help you in a variety of ways, including supporting your deep abdominal muscles, back muscles, and lumbar spine. Additionally, the Ape Slam Ball can help improve your spinal and pelvic balance. With so many benefits, there’s no reason not to give the Ape Slam Ball a try!

For Home Gym

An appropriately sized stability ball can be utilized for personal use at home to Connect with your core muscles and improve functional fitness and enhance full-body muscle tone.

For Commercial Gym

This exercise ball is appropriate for commercial gyms where fitness professionals and personal trainers guide you to burn calories, improve stamina and muscle power for strength training.


The most valued slam ball comes with myriad health benefits for the effective development of body strength, balance, and endurance including total body fitness. Benefit in rehabilitation from injury; enhance strength training, and metabolic workouts.

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3 reviews for Slam Ball

  1. Diwakar Arsaini

    good product to use

  2. Mihaela

    I love it!

  3. Jessica Quast

    man, nothing can destroy these… we used them in concrete and cement for competitions and not even a scratch.

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