Locking Velcro Belt

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Reduces stress on the lower back while lifting in an upright position and it prevents back hyperextension during overhead lifts


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What is the Use of Velcro Weight Lifting Belt?

APE Velcro Belt supports your back and lets you brace during lifts. Velcro weight lifting belts are convenient and flexible.


APE Velcro Belt reduces stress on the lower back and prevents back hyperextension during overhead lifts. Velcro Belt increases the intra-abdominal pressure to support spinal erector muscles. Athletes can produce less force during the force prompts the lifter to consider their back position and maintain good posture. The belt prevents back hyperextension by forming a rigid wall around the lower torso, connecting the rib cage to the hip. Support in performing maximal or submaximal lifts such as the squat or deadlift. Velcro Belts are one of the most widely used in sports such as powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and cross-training.

  • Reduce the burden on the spine
  • Provide adequate support for the moderate weights
  • Effective for working on your core strength
  • Convenient for dynamic movements such as snatches and swings
What is the main benefit of the Velcro belt?

Stabilize the upper and lower body which helps stabilize the spine and using a belt in an appropriate way brings a heightened body awareness.

Well-designed Belt

Velcro Belt is specifically designed for weightlifting belts to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury by stabilizing your spine.

For Back Support

Support the lumbar spine because it protects discs and supports your joints and soft muscle tissue.

Weightlifting Support

Available in a unisex design with a wide range of sizes to accommodate many body types to support athletes in weightlifting.


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1 review for Locking Velcro Belt

  1. Luis Sanchez

    So easy to take on and off during wods. Good materials. Thick back for extra support. Very nice belt

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